Learn more about my role...


Learn more about my role...

Celebrancy was founded in Australia in 1974 as a wedding ceremony alternative for couples who did not wish to be married in a Church or by a government official, known as a Justice of the Peace or Marriage Commissioner here in Canada. This option became popular and grew quickly. Today in Australia and New Zealand, the majority of weddings and funerals are lead by certified Celebrants. These same Celebrants offer a wide variety of ceremonies that mark rites of passage and other significant events in life.

Celebrancy moved to North America in 2001 and grew very quickly in the USA. While Canada has seen a slower growth in this emerging service, celebrancy is making a foothold. In a culture with a vast array of heritages, a growing discomfort with organized religion, and a preference for individual expression, celebrancy provides a fresh and unique approach to creating meaningful ceremonies.

The hallmark of a Celebrant ceremony is that you (the client) have complete control and final approval of your own ceremony.  Your vision, beliefs and values are central in the creation of your ceremony – the Celebrant’s beliefs are immaterial. Celebrants are not affiliated with any particular religion, therefore allowing us to incorporate and re-interpret traditional, cultural, and spiritual elements into the ceremonies we handcraft to ensure we tell your story and fulfill your vision for a personalized and memorable ceremony.


The gold standard in Celebrancy training is set by the Celebrant Foundation & Institute (CF&I). International students complete an 8 month long, college level program that has a strong focus on ceremony design and ritual development outside a religious context. With both an educational and experiential focus, the program covers traditional rights of passage including birth, marriage, and death and extends to non-traditional events such as divorce and retirement ceremonies, pet ceremonies, healing ceremonies, vow renewals, and corporate and community ceremonies. Continuing education is strongly encouraged for all Celebrants and is available through CF&I. Celebrants practice according to a Code of Ethics.

I am proud to be a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ and I would be honoured to tell you more about my amazing practice.

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What Storycatcher Clients are Saying

Linda exceeded our expectations in every way possible. The ceremony she created was beautiful, unique and humorous – perfectly personalized for the two of us. She even went above and beyond to create a customized sand ceremony that included our families and left us with a gorgeous keepsake for years to come. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Stephen & AlexWedding Clients

Thank you so much for being such a big part of our special day. The time and care you took to make everything so unique and perfect for us really meant a lot. There could not have been a better person to start us on our new journey.

Erin & JeremyWedding Clients

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